Monday, August 30, 2010

2500 point Ultramarine army list

w/ Command Squad
1 Veteran upgraded to Company Champion with
power weapon and combat shield
1 Veteran w/ company standard
1 Veteran w/ power fist
1 Veteran w/ thunder hammer


*Tactical Squad
Flamer and Missile Launcher

*Tactical Squad
Plasma Gun and Lascannon
Sergeant with Combi-melta

*Scout Squad
10 man Squad
All Snipers
Camo cloaks

Storm Bolter
Hunter-Killer Missile

Storm Bolter

Fast Attack
*Assault Squad=
Sergeant w/ stormshield and power fist
10 man squad


*Terminator Squad
10 man squad
1 Terminator w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher
1 Terminator w/ Assault Cannon

*Sternguard Veterans
Sergeant w/ Power fist
10 man squad
4 combi-meltas

Heavy Support
*Devastator Squad
Plasma Cannon
Missile Launcher
Sergeant with plasma pistol and chainsword

*Land Raider Crusader
Storm Bolter

2570 points

Friday, August 27, 2010

WIP Snow Factory Terrain


I've been working on a new board with a snow factory theme.Here is my progress so far.

This is the material that MWG uses for their factory terrain as well.Its a plastic cross-stitching mesh commonly known as granny grating.

The first 2 pieces of the board.All made from recycled materials.

As you can see,I used "Yakult" bottles for the stands of the platform.

This is a modular catwalk made with granny grating and 2 straws glued underneath.Here are some pictures showing the different positions of the bridge.

The picture below is the full board.

Thanks for reading and Happy Wargaming!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How To Base: Black Reach


This is the first How To Base tutorial on Seans Minis.This is the basing style for Black Reach.

    First, "base the base" with normal sand.

Next,paint it with watered down chaos black or give it a wash of badab black.

Drybrush the sand with graveyard earth.

Then drybrush the sand with fortress grey.

Go over the sand with a VERY light drybrush of graveyard earth again.

There you have it.Black Reach bases.ENJOY AND HAPPY WARGAMING!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Orks:Blood Teef Warboss "Goldtoof Sniknob"


 This is an AOBR warboss painted with my custom ork clan color scheme.Main colors are red for the pants and blue for the vest.All other parts are painted in either red,blue,metal or a mix of everything.Some pics:

The power klaw backview
power klaw frontview
Twin-Linked Shoota

Also,I discovered a good substitute for modeling flock.Here it is:
Looks like a deep forest green flock right?Lets have a closer look
I picked it up for less than a dollar at a well-known book store here.In case you are wondering what it is,its "Colored Sand".Looks as good as GW's and MWG's.There are also other colors such as orange and red,which I will use as autumn mix.

Thanks for reading

Finished Ultramarine Rhino


This is my first ever painted Rhino.I bought the Razorback kit even if I only needed a Rhino because people on the forums(Dakka Dakka and BoLS)that it is better than a normal Rhino kit since it has the Rhino chassis and extra parts for the Razorback.Here it is.

A closer look at the painted Hunter Killer-Missile.I will take more close-ups of it soon.

Here is the blue spot indicating that it is part of Tactical Squad "Attilus".

These are Deffkopta blades that I painted using the Dirty Metal Method.Refer to the tutorial on this blog if you want to know how it is done.
By the way I have an account at Miniwargaming and its Pinkolslarp sub me there or follow me here on my blog...or just do both.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Army Update

Hi guys,

Just an update of my Space Marine Army.

Ok,first off...I painted under the bases a certain color to make ordering my models easier after a battle.I got this idea from one of GW's articles.

Here is the redone AOBR tactical squad(without the dreadnought).I did some research on miniature pic-taking and I can now take close-up pics of my minis.Lets take a look.

Yes,I know the paint is too thick on some parts but the blue I used was messed up.And I was completely new to painting then.Here are their bases,particularly the Missile Launcher Marine's.

This is the Black Reach Base style.I will make a tut on how to make them soon.I got the method from GW.
Here is a picture of the veteran sergeant's chainsword.I painted it gold to make him stand out from the other troops in the squad.I will try to find a paint formula to make the gold look dirty and bloody.Hopefully I won't make the same mistake of painting with messed up or ugly made paints with my future projects.

Thanks for reading

How To Paint: Dirty Metal

Here is a tutorial on how to make a cool metal effect that is best suitable for orks as it looks dirty and uncleaned.

The first step is to prime it black.White does not work well since we're trying to get an orky dirty metal look.

The next step is to paint it with Tin Bitz or any dark copper color.I used Tamiya Dark Copper.

Then drybrush it with Mithril Silver.In my case,Flat Aluminum was used.

The final step is to give the gun a wash of Badab Black.I used my special mix because Tamiya doesn't have washes.Anyway there you have it!A dirty and uncleaned look for your guns.
Dont forget to comment and follow guys,More tutorials will be here soon


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Painting Log

Hi guys,

Starting today,I will be making a log of the painting and completion of my ork and space marine armies.

Thats all,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This terrain is counted as impassible terrain for tanks and other non-hovering or floating vehicles.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rhino Extremis

Here is my recently painted Rhino.Still need to add more details and also need to paint the hunter-killer missile.

Thanks for looking