Friday, August 20, 2010

Orks:Blood Teef Warboss "Goldtoof Sniknob"


 This is an AOBR warboss painted with my custom ork clan color scheme.Main colors are red for the pants and blue for the vest.All other parts are painted in either red,blue,metal or a mix of everything.Some pics:

The power klaw backview
power klaw frontview
Twin-Linked Shoota

Also,I discovered a good substitute for modeling flock.Here it is:
Looks like a deep forest green flock right?Lets have a closer look
I picked it up for less than a dollar at a well-known book store here.In case you are wondering what it is,its "Colored Sand".Looks as good as GW's and MWG's.There are also other colors such as orange and red,which I will use as autumn mix.

Thanks for reading

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