Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rhino Door with 3D Ultramarine symbol


I finally sculpted the 3D Ultramarine symbol on the rhino's door. I will mold it for myself and use it on my Rhinos.

Thanks for looking

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bludd Toofs

Hey guys,

Here is my official Bludd Toof design.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

2600 point Ultramarine army list update

 Hey guys,
Here is my 2600 point army list:

*Captain=100 pts.
w/ Command Squad=200 pts.
1 Veteran upgraded to Company Champion with
power weapon and combat shield=15 pts.
1 Veteran w/ company standard=15 pts.
1 Veteran w/ power fist=25 pts.
1 Veteran w/ thunder hammer=30 pts.

*Librarian=100 pts.

*Tactical Squad=170 pts.
Flamer and Heavy bolter

*Tactical Squad=190 pts.
Plasma Gun and Heavy bolter
Sergeant with Combi-melta

*Scout Squad=177 pts.
10 man Squad
All Snipers
Sgt. Telion=50 pts.

*Rhino=55 pts.
Storm Bolter
Hunter-Killer Missile

*Rhino=45 pts.
Storm Bolter

Fast Attack
*Assault Squad=230 pts.
Sergeant w/ stormshield and power fist
10 man squad

*Dreadnought=105 pts.
w/ Multi-Melta

*Terminator Squad=460 pts.
10 man squad
1 Terminator w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher=30 pts.
1 Terminator w/ Assault Cannon=30 pts.

*Sternguard Veterans=295 pts.
Sergeant w/ Power fist=25 pts.
10 man squad=125 pts.
4 combi-meltas=20 pts.

Heavy Support
*Devastator Squad=285 pts.
10 man squad=80 pts.
Lascannon=35 pts.
Lascannon=35 pts.
Missile Launcher=15 pts.
Missile Launcher=15 pts.
Sergeant with plasma pistol and chainsword=15 pts.

*Land Raider Crusader=260 pts.
Storm Bolter=10 pts.

2672 points

Thanks  for reading,
Happy Wargaming!

First "finished" Ultramarine

Here is my first officially finished Ultramarine,complete with highlights and washes.Just in case you need it,here are the paints I used for the ARMOR ONLY.

Undercoat: Chaos Black
Basecoat: Regal Blue
Wash 1: Badab Black
Highlight: Ultramarine Blue
Wash 2: Asurmen Blue
for the base,refer to my tutorial also on this blog.

 Thanks for reading,
Happy Wargaming!