Friday, August 20, 2010

Finished Ultramarine Rhino


This is my first ever painted Rhino.I bought the Razorback kit even if I only needed a Rhino because people on the forums(Dakka Dakka and BoLS)that it is better than a normal Rhino kit since it has the Rhino chassis and extra parts for the Razorback.Here it is.

A closer look at the painted Hunter Killer-Missile.I will take more close-ups of it soon.

Here is the blue spot indicating that it is part of Tactical Squad "Attilus".

These are Deffkopta blades that I painted using the Dirty Metal Method.Refer to the tutorial on this blog if you want to know how it is done.
By the way I have an account at Miniwargaming and its Pinkolslarp sub me there or follow me here on my blog...or just do both.

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