Thursday, August 19, 2010

Army Update

Hi guys,

Just an update of my Space Marine Army.

Ok,first off...I painted under the bases a certain color to make ordering my models easier after a battle.I got this idea from one of GW's articles.

Here is the redone AOBR tactical squad(without the dreadnought).I did some research on miniature pic-taking and I can now take close-up pics of my minis.Lets take a look.

Yes,I know the paint is too thick on some parts but the blue I used was messed up.And I was completely new to painting then.Here are their bases,particularly the Missile Launcher Marine's.

This is the Black Reach Base style.I will make a tut on how to make them soon.I got the method from GW.
Here is a picture of the veteran sergeant's chainsword.I painted it gold to make him stand out from the other troops in the squad.I will try to find a paint formula to make the gold look dirty and bloody.Hopefully I won't make the same mistake of painting with messed up or ugly made paints with my future projects.

Thanks for reading

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