Monday, August 30, 2010

2500 point Ultramarine army list

w/ Command Squad
1 Veteran upgraded to Company Champion with
power weapon and combat shield
1 Veteran w/ company standard
1 Veteran w/ power fist
1 Veteran w/ thunder hammer


*Tactical Squad
Flamer and Missile Launcher

*Tactical Squad
Plasma Gun and Lascannon
Sergeant with Combi-melta

*Scout Squad
10 man Squad
All Snipers
Camo cloaks

Storm Bolter
Hunter-Killer Missile

Storm Bolter

Fast Attack
*Assault Squad=
Sergeant w/ stormshield and power fist
10 man squad


*Terminator Squad
10 man squad
1 Terminator w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher
1 Terminator w/ Assault Cannon

*Sternguard Veterans
Sergeant w/ Power fist
10 man squad
4 combi-meltas

Heavy Support
*Devastator Squad
Plasma Cannon
Missile Launcher
Sergeant with plasma pistol and chainsword

*Land Raider Crusader
Storm Bolter

2570 points

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