Friday, March 25, 2011


Okay,so I got a few updates that I've wanted to share with you guys for the past couple of weeks. First off, AoBR Dreadnought. It needs one more wash before its finally finished. Then I wanna magnetize it so I won't need to regret not using this weapon or that weapon (like most minis that I've made). So far, I've racked up some spare parts from friends and the only things I need are a twin-linked lascannon and an assault cannon. There's a guy I know who can give me the lascannon but no one so far for the assault cannon. I'm thinking of scratch-building it from a termie assault cannon but I think it's too small. I don't want it to look stupid when it's mounted on the dread and it turns out too small. Anyway, thats it for the dread right now. Now on to my defence line. So far, I've got 2 bunkers,1 of which needs to be remade, a bunch of czech hedgehogs, 2 fences, about 3-4 asparagus beds and a load of dragon teeth. Off with a good start IMO. Now for my army list. I posted my 2nd to the last 3000 point army list on MWG and I got lots of suggestions. Now I'm curious about one of them which says that I should make my army more anti-armour since lots of people field mechanized armies. My question is what can I add to my list to make it anti-armour and also mechanized at the same time? This may sound very stupid to you veteran gamers but I'm new to 40k and I could use some help. Another of my newbie questions is if its smart to get a LR Crusader over a Redeemer for a 5 man termie squad? Should I let my chapter master in with the termies or should I ditch the LR, upgrade it to a 10 man squad, and let them walk?  I'm also thinking of replacing my sternguard vets with a venerable dread. It seems more useful than the vets IMO. I might post my latest army list on here if I find the USB that its in. Also please don't rage if my painting is not that good. I use Tamiya paints since GW's are way too expensive for me. I hope most, if not all of my questions here get answered in the comments. Thanks guys.

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